• Leaves on twig earrings Code No.: ERS-2008-1

    Delicate leaves on a twig design in sterling silver plated with rhodium. Classic simplicity

  • Long Teardrop Scrolls Pendant Code No.: CP-3591-1

    Elongated teardrop pendant enclosing scroll work in silver with rhodium plating

  • Four leaf lucky clover earrings Code No.: ESST-2245-1 Copy

    Sterling silver plated with rhodium featuring four leaf clovers set with real diamonds. Matching set with the pendant

  • Lucky Lovely Piece Pendant. Code No.:CPG-143-2-9K

    Wishing you much happiness with 9 karat pink gold pendant lucky clover leaf with crystal.



  • purple ring. Code No. : RS-382-1

    Sterling silver ring with gold plated an embellished multi purple crystal.
    Code No. : RS-382-1 

  • Gorgeous sterling silver drop necklace. Code No.: NES-265-2

    Gorgeous sterling silver drop necklace.
    Code No.: NES-265-2

  • Love and pink heart charm. Code No. : CP-1800-3

    Love and pink heart charm.
    Code No. : CP-1800-3 

  • Heart with crown. Code No. : GSST-574-1

    Heart with crown shaped gold stud earrings.
    Code No. : GSST-574-1 


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